What is the Unit Self-Assessment Program? 

Self-assessment is the evaluation of one’s actions or the processes used in accomplishing their job, and it’s something Senior Master Sgt. Matthew Howard knows all about.

The Inspector General Inspections superintendent runs the Self-Assessment Program for the 166th Airlift Wing, a key component of the Air Force Inspection System, referred to as AFIS.

According to Air Force Instruction 90-201, AFIS is designed to foster a culture of critical self-assessment and continuous improvement, providing a "photo album" versus a "snapshot" view of wing effectiveness. The Self-Assessment Program, better known as SAP, is how program managers such as Howard identify areas of non-compliance.

Howard ensures overall quality and accuracy of the wing’s self-assessment program to provide the wing commander with trending analysis, areas of risk and needs for future funding and manning. He provides oversight and guidance to the wing’s 48 Self-Assessment Program managers, or SAPM, charged with running their unit’s SAP.