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Delaware Guard ADOS Position List

Critical initiative to support valid, unanticipated and non-recurring projects or missions throughout the Delaware National Guard and National Guard Bureau.

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G1 Incentives - Assistant Incentives
18-FTNGD-24  ARMY 214 Days
Recruiting and Retention NCO (South Team)  19-FTNGD-24 ARMY 214 days
Counterdrug Task Force (Delaware City, DE) 21-FTNGD-24 ARMY 105 days
Counterdrug Task Non-MOS Spec (Delaware City, DE) 22-FTNGD-24  ARMY 105 days
Counterdrug Avia NR CM (New Castle, DE)  23-FTNGD-24  ARMY 105 days


*Note: The Human Resource Office is unable to furnish applicants with copies of their applications after they have been submitted. Please make copies of your application prior to submitting it to the Human Resource Office.


Active Guard Reserve Positions: The documents listed on each Position Vacancy Announcement will be submitted as a minimum where applicable. If any of the required documents are not reasonably available to you, a brief letter will be submitted citing the document missing with a short explanation necessary to certify the Soldier as eligible. Failure to do so may result in finding of ineligibility and may cause the applicant to lose consideration for the position.


Federal Technician Positions: Thank you for your interest in the Delaware National Guard full-time Technician program. We advertise two different types of Technician positions: Federal and State. Our State positions are advertised in a normal Adobe PDF format; however, our Federal positions are advertised on USAJobs. If you choose to apply for a Federal position advertised on USAJobs, please follow the directions under “How to Apply” on the announcement. For technician positions, please see the following steps below to ensure that your application is complete.

( Instructional "How To Apply" PDF download here )


Delaware Guard State Technician Positions: Personnel employed by the State of Delaware to support the operations and maintenance of the National Guard shall be exempt from the state merit system and shall be paid in accordance with like positions as Department of Defense Employees. Such employees shall be governed in a like manner in accordance with the rules and regulations which pertain to Department of Defense Employees except for: retirement benefits, health benefits, severance packages, and unused sick leave; all of which shall be administered in the same manner as state merit system employees. For all state positions in the National Guard, the Adjutant General or designee will determine whether the position will be classified to be governed in a like manner to either a Department of Defense employee position established under Title 5 of the United States Code or a Department of Defense position established under Title 32 of the United State Code. 

( Instructional "How To Apply" PDF download here ) and ( State Employee Benefits Link Here