The Delaware National Guard is concerned that all pages contained on its Web site are accessible to all our customers. If you find a problem that prevents or limits access, please contact us by contacting us. We are working hard to make every page on our site fully accessible. If you should find an accessibility problem, i.e., unreadable file download, visual presentation that is not adequately described, media that is not presented in a format that is readable by assistive technology, please contact us. We will do everything possible to find a solution and address any accessibility issues that should arise. Making the web service accessible to all is our priority.

Conversion Approach

  • We have been in the process of designing each page to ensure it meets Priority Level 1 as established and described in the most current version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Future pages will be development to meet Priority Level 2. For more information see:
  • The Webmaster will use the W3C HTML Validation Service to check HTML pages for their conformance to current W3C HTML recommendations and standards. While this conformance does not ensure accessibility for all people with disabilities, it does promote overall accessibility of the’s Web pages.
  • Any special and multi-media features such as PowerPoint, webcasts, 3-D images, audio and video components, Realtime movies and other specialized applications with accessibility challenges are being considered in order to identify and/or rectify accessibility barriers that may be inherent in these designs or software applications.

 Accessibility Tools