Substance Abuse Program

The Delaware Army National Guard Substance Abuse Program (SAP) is key to ensuring unit readiness for the ARNG. The purpose of SAP is to deter substance abuse by providing:

  • Prevention education and referral resources to ARNG Soldiers
  • Commanders with the tools to assess the security and military fitness of their unit

The ARNG Substance Abuse Program is designed to provide a continuum of substance abuse services to Soldiers that will achieve and maintain ARNG Soldier Readiness. These services include:

  • Education and training (Strong Choices 2/4 hour requirements)
  • Early identification
  • Risk reduction/Deterrence
  • Screening and self-assessment
  • Rehabilitation/referral/self-referral

Program Components

  • Fulfillment of the requirements of Army Regulations 600-85
  • Providing referrals to licensed community-based providers for assessment and potential follow-up intervention
  • Implementation, collection, and analysis of URI/R-URI surveys
  • Education and prevention activities
  • Assistance with self-referrals

Self-referral Policy

  • Soldier can go to his/her Unit Commander and advise him/her of their substance abuse.
  • Soldier may self-ID to either the DEARNG SAP Staff, Chaplain, Unit Prevention Leader (UPL) NCOIC, or any officer/NCO in their chain of command.
  • Soldier may contact anyone from in the SAP office and the staff will talk the Soldier through the self-ID process.
  • Soldier MUST self-ID before the announcement of a urinalysis test. Once the unit testing session has been announced the Limited Use Policy is no longer valid
  • Service member should know that any and all information they give is strictly confidential under HIPPA and will not be put out to fellow Soldiers.

Limited Use Policy

Limited use policy limits the negative actions that can be taken against a Soldier who self refers. The policy may protect positive urinalysis results if testing is conducted in a reasonable time from when the service member self-identifies (ex. Self-identify Saturday morning and test Sunday morning). The Limited Use policy is not a “Get out of jail free” card for a unit urinalysis. Once a service member is notified of the urinalysis, it is too late to self-refer for that test. The policy DOES NOT protect the service member from future drug use or possession of drugs. The policy does not protect the service member against other illegal activities associated with previous use such as stealing, assault, apprehension, etc. If the service member does not complete the rehabilitation process, the separation proceedings will continue and result in the service member being discharged with the characterization of “Honorable.”

Department Phone
Alcohol & Drug Control Officer 302-326-7751
Prevention Coordinator 302-326-7761