Army Substance Abuse Program

The Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) aims to increase the readiness and resiliency of Soldiers and their Families.  We can provide you with risk assessment materials and support you through the referral process. We can also connect you with community providers and resources.  Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or concerns!


Low-Risk Guidelines for Alcohol Consumption

0 - Drinks if you are underage, pregnant, at risk for alcoholism, or planning on operating a motor vehicle
1 - Maximum number of standard drinks in one hour
2 - Maximum number of standard drinks in one day if you are a daily drinker
3 - Maximum number of standard drinks in one day if you are not a daily drinker


The Alcohol & Drug Control Officer (ADCO) is primarily responsible for establishing the overall direction and vision for the SAP, ensuring required information is entered into the Drug and Alcohol Management Information System (DAMIS), developing partnerships with internal and external community resources, and facilitating communication within the State’s leadership and units. 

The Prevention Coordinator (PC) is primarily responsible for facilitating Unit Risk Inventory (URI) and Reintegration Unit Risk Inventory Surveys (R-URI), and delivering two hours of alcohol and drug awareness training for National Guardsmen not on Active Duty orders, and four hours for National Guardsmen on Active Duty orders.

The following are contract staff assigned at the state level to support our DNG program:   Alcohol & Drug Control Officer, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator.

Donald Daley

Donald Daley, CTR
Alcohol & Drug Control Officer (ADCO)

JFHQ, J9 Suite, 2nd Floor
302-326-7106 OFFICE

Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart, CTR
Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator (PC)

JFHQ, J9 Suite, 2nd Floor
302-326-7761  OFFICE